Teacher Certification

Step 1 – Register and upload the required documents

Please upload your photos performing five asanas according to the level applied for

Upload PDF Reference Letter*

Step 2 – Pay Rs 5000 as affiliation fee

Upload in pdf a reference letter by a School/Group/Yoga Master/Yogi who confirm your yoga practise, philosophy

Once registation is complete, you will receive a pdf of your certificate within 10 days.

Benefits of being affiliated with World Yoga Organisation

Affiliation with the prestigious World Yoga Organisation elevates your credibility as a teacher

You will be listed online in our directory of international teachers and will receive a pdf of a certificate from World Yoga Organisation and a registration number which certfies that you are a yoga teacher

Be a part of a global network and receive updates on yoga, conferences, workshops, seminars and retreats

Counselling and support in marketing and promotion

What are the different levels of a Yoga Teacher?

hours of Personal Practice
Hours of teaching experience
List of asanas according to your level
* (You need to send your photos performing these asanas)
Basic – 300hrs
300100Padmasan, Bakasana, Chakrasana, Pigeon pose, Sarvang Asana, naukasana
Advance – 500hrs
500200Kapot asana, Sirsanana, Yoga nidra asana, Halasana, Marichayasana, Paschimottansana
Master – 1000hrs
1000500Padma Sheershasana, Mayur asana, Omkarasana, Adho mukh Vrkshasana, Pinch Mayur asana, Himalayasana , Pindasana