Yoga School Certification

Step 1 – Register as a Yoga School

Upload photos of your yoga studio

Upload a letter which has the biography of the teachers running & teaching in the school as well as when was the school started.

Step 2 – Pay Rs 20,000 as affiliation fee

Upload in pdf a reference letter by a School/Group/Yoga Master/Yogi who confirm your yoga practise, philosophy

Once registration is complete you will receive a pdf of your certificate in 10 days and will also be listed online on the world yoga organization website.

As a Yoga School - Benefits

Affliation with the prestigious World Yoga Organisation elevates your credibility as a Yoga School

You will be listed online in our directory of schools and will receive a pdf of a certificate from World Yoga Organisation which certfies that you are an affliated Yoga school. All teachers that pass out from your school can get WYO affliation by paying a nominal fee.

Be a part of a global network and receive updates on yoga, conferences, workshops, seminars and retreats

Counselling and support in marketing and promotion as well as support on how to grow your business

You will be authorised to use the World Yoga Organisation Logo in your school as well as events.