Our Honorable Advisory Board

Founder, Chairman and Course Director of Akshar Yoga

Grand Master Akshar

Hailing from the oldest school of Himalayas, Grand Master Akshar is an internationally acclaimed yogic master and visionary. He is the Founder, Chairman and Course Director of Akshar Yoga, the largest yoga chain in the country. He has trained more than 10,00,000 students globally through online and offline platforms. Akshar Yoga now has 20 academies in the country with sister schools in Australia, France etc and plans for further expansion.

Grand Master has carved a niche for himself in the global wellness map by innovating Yoga; he weaves together ancient wisdom of Himalayan Yoga with contemporary forms of fitness regimens. He is the Founder and President of World Yoga Organisation. He is also the Founder & Chairman of the International Siddha Foundation. Grand Master is an established tutor, he conducts Advanced and Master Level Teachers Training Courses for yoga as well as motivational workshops across the world.

Additionally, Akshar Yoga is also in collaboration with many international organisations and prestigious Universities to provide educational and professional programs in yoga. He has introduced innovations such as Aerial Yoga, Wheel Yoga and Power Yoga to enhance the practice of yoga asanas.  



Grand Master Akshar, while maintaining yoga’s ancient tradition has pioneered a metamorphosis of yoga in order to stimulate the mind-set of a younger generation of yoga practitioners. He ensures that all his products proudly wear the ‘Made in India’ label. A regular columnist in leading newspapers and online portals, he has published articles and motivational videos on Yoga and its multiple benefits. He has also been featured in the best-selling publication, ‘Lead or Bleed’.

At the prestigious international events of UN World Water Day and UN World Environment Day hosted by United Nations in IndiaGrand Master Akshar was present on these occasions as Guest of Honour as well as Key Speaker.

It is only through service to others that one is remembered, this lends a noble quality to the profession of teaching. Grand Master Akshar encourages all practitioners to go forth and teach the divine art of Yoga to others. A true source of motivation and inspiration, he sows the seeds of love for Yoga wherever he goes. This way, he has altered the course of many lives for the better. Through his dynamic influence.

Anil Valluri

Mr. Anil Valluri serves as the President of India and Saarc at NetApp, Inc. He joined NetApp in February 2012. Mr.Valluri is responsible for the overall business and operations of NetApp in India and the SAARC region.

His directive includes growing market share and driving healthy ecosystem growth among both Partners and Customers in the region. Mr.Valluri serves as a Venture Partner at Anthill Ventures. He also serves as the President of NetApp India Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Valluri oversees NetApp sales, marketing and services operations in India and the SAARC region. He serves as Country Business Head and Enterprise Systems at Compaq Computer (India) Pvt. Ltd. Mr.Valluri is a Technology Professional at DCM DataSystems Limited.

He joined NetApp from Artiman Ventures, where he served as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for two years. Prior to that, Mr.Valluri served as the Chief Technology Officer, Director of Systems Engineering, Managing Director, Vice President and Director of Sun Microsystems India Private Limited. He led a team of IT Architects, Consultants, Product Specialists and Solution Managers in Data Center, Data Management, Java Web Services, Identity and Network Computing.

Mr.Valluri has an unparalleled track record of helping technology companies grow into market leaders and a deep understanding of the India market, along with strong relationships across customers, partners and industry influencers. He was instrumental in pioneering and evangelizing 64-bit computing technology in India back in 1993 during his stint with Digital. Mr.Valluri has been involved in enterprise computing decisions in the country with customers belonging to diverse segments in banking, transportation, securities, manufacturing, automobiles, telecom and government. He is a regular speaker on technology/computing trends.

Mr.Valluri has over 25 years of Sales, Marketing and Technology Management experience in IT industry. In this span, he has been a part of some of the largest enterprises in India, specifically in their Enterprise IT build outs and in diversified industries such as Banking, Telecommunications, Government, Retail and Manufacturing segments. He has been Independent Director at SankhyaInfotech Limited since November 29, 2017. Mr.Valluri is an alumnus of Stanford University.

Jai Madaan

Jai MadaanJi is a Palmistry, Numerology and Vaastu professional. Over 15 years Jai MadaanJi has helped many Individuals, Industrialists, and Business Owners for all common issues of life related to health, wealth, job, career, sickness, marital issues and material success. Jai MadaanJi likes to advise all without any bias regarding the social strata and like to keep the solutions simple.
Constantly contributing as a relationship expert she writes articles for Hindustan Times, Vivaah& Timeless Jewels magazines and have done programs on TV Channels such as Sahara Samay, Sahara NCR, Pragya, Zee TV and India TV. Currently my show ‘Family Guru’ airs on India News daily at 2.30 pm.
Her Vision is to be a trusted advisor/consultant in creating a better everyday life for mankind through simple and practical Astrological solutions.
Jai MadaanJis mission is to serve mankind by providing professional Astrological guidance and education so that individuals can effectively manage and overcome challenging situations.

Dr. Poonam Singh

Dr. Poonam Singh is a social activist working towards betterment of the society since 2006 and have been working towards helping society resolve contemporary issues like corruption, education for underprivileged children, and health care for senior citizens & underprivileged pregnant women.

Dr. Poonam had also worked in various organizations in public domain at different capacity Medical Fitness Society, Association of Environmental & Occupational Health Delhi, Bihar Medical Association, Rashtra Nirman Manch, Intermingling India and Yog Manthan being one in particular. I have done Masters in Yoga and using it as a tool for the betterment of society.

Over a decade experience in field of yoga, conducted workshops/Lectures/Seminars at  High Court, Supreme Court, PAC Women Battalion, 1 Air Force Signals Regiment , Delhi Police , Delhi IIT, Airport Authority, Indian Oil, American Express , various reputed Public & Government schools and University, Prenatal Yoga consultant in “Virtue Baby Program”, reputed Hospitals and CCRYN (The Central Council for Research in Yoga & Naturopathy is an autonomous body under Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare).

Published articles in health magazines and newspapers. Presented paper at “Global Summit on Make in India Transforming Human Resources and Strategic Development”


Provided carrier counselling to the whole nation via National Television Channel (Lok Sabha TV). Live Programme on First International Yoga Day 21st June 2015 on INDIA TODAY Channel and on AAJ Tak Channel & India Today on 21st June 2016. Appreciation & honour by Medical fitness society, Max Hospital etc

Dr Asif Iqbal

Dr Asif Iqbal is the President of the Indian Economic Trade Organisation (IETO) a businessman hailing from Bangalore India. An Architect by profession and as the president of the IETO travels with various customised delegations to bridge the Academic gap between Industry and the Academia. He served as the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Suriname, a country in Latin America that has close relations with India.

Asif Iqbal has been bestowed by a Doctorate from the University of Jerusalem in Social Behaviour Management and is a Keynote speaker at various Academic conferences and International summits including the World Economic Forum, Caspian Week, India Africa forum, Summit of Minds and the Paris Peace Forum.

Dr Asif Iqbal plays a diversified role to include import and export of various products from Europe and Arab World. These are niche products that have a absorption gap between various countries like Bocelli Italian wines, Bulgarian Rakia, Israeli wines into India. The Chamber soon expanded to Qatar, Morocco, UAE, Tunisia, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Nepal, Israel Bangladesh and Sri Lanka with honorary country directors reporting to him. He also is director on the board of Indo Pacific Islands Chamber of Commerce and was responsible for taking India’s first ever business delegation to Papua New Guinea and Fiji. During this period bilateral treaties and trade agreements were signed between the two countries.


Dr Asif visited Israel along with the Chief Minister of Karnataka State and the Agriculture Minister and the Members of Legislative assembly. During this time they signed MOUs with various stakeholders and consultants in Milk Industry, Livestock and Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture. He led a few other delegations to Israel in Defense, Cybersecurity and AgroPark in collaboration with Favorich Food Park in Israel. Dr Asif was a part of the delegation along with Mr. Sunil Mittal, ShobanaKamineni, Prakash Hinduja, Naushad Forbes, Ram Madhav and a host of other Indian business CEO’s.

He has been awarded the Diploma by the President of Bulgaria for promoting relations between the two countries. He led a business delegation headed by the President of Republic of India Shri. RamnathKovind. He is a member of the Academic Council in the Mahatma Gandhi University in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and which was initiated during the visit of the president. He collaborated with the New Buyona Studios in Bulgaria for the production and shoot of Brahmastra, a Bollywood movie with leading actors. He has successfully conducted the Asian Arab Awards 2019 in May 2019 in Hyderabad India, A roundtable conference that was attended by more than 130 international delegates and which was a successful synergy collaboration between the two regions where Bahrain was a partner country along with Morocco, UAE, Nepal, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and 23 other countries.

Dr Geetha R. Bhat

Dr. Geetha R. Bhat, a versatile personality is a Child & Adolescent Psychologist, Vainika (Veena and Vocal Artiste) and a Music therapist. Geetha was initiated into the field of Carnatic music at the tender age of five and took forth to pursue her musical skills through the divine instrument “The Veena”. She is the blessed disciple of Guru Smt. B. Gnanambal, Guru Shri R. K. Srinivasamurthy, Guru Smt. E. P. Alamelu and Guru Shri R.R Keshavamurthy. She has been enthralling audiences right from her first and full -fledged performance in 1994 and her panorama of research and achievements in the field of “Neuro Musicology” further emphasizes her intense devotion and dedication to this extensive and rich heritage of the Classical music art form. In addition to having Masters in Computer Science and Masters in Child Psychology, she was awarded her doctorate for her exclusive research conducted on the effects and benefits of sound, classical music and rhythm on the brain in her study “Neuro- Musicology and the Therapeutic powers of sound and classical music”, awarded to her at the age of 29. She is a licensed rehabilitation professional with a Diploma in Special Education (Autism Spectrum Disorder and multiple disabilities) from NIPMED, National Institute for Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities (Divyangjan) and RCI, Rehabilitation Council of India and also holds a Certificate in Special Education (ADHD, Autism and Learning Disabilities) course offered by Asian College of Teachers.

 Her research emphasizes the relationship of musical activities and the brain, and its benefits in stimulating not only motor therapy, speech and language therapy but also pain management and cognitive rehabilitation in areas of memory, effective function and attention. She has been the forerunner to create a niche platform to young music therapy aspirants to ‘reinvent music towards holistic health and transformation based on scientific research’.


She has successfully implemented Music Therapy as a positive mode of therapeutic intervention across various neurological impairments like multiple sclerosis, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, traumatic brain injury and across various disorders and disabilities like downs syndrome, dyslexia, intellectual impairments, emotional disorders etc. She has also extended her music therapy inventions to cancer survivors and cancer patients at the Cyte Care Cancer hospital and Karunashraya at Bengaluru. Her articles on Education, Psychology and Music Therapy have been published by leading newspapers such as The Indian Express, The Times of India, The Deccan herald, Prajavani, Vijaya Karnataka, The Vijay Times (the Bangalore mirror) and in magazines Kalasinchana from Ananya, The First Melody from Bharatiya Sama gana Sabha, SamYoga from Ranjani Fine Arts, Lalitha Kala Tarangini from Sri Rama Lalita Kala Mandira and many more journals and publications. Her knowledge-sharing talks and presentations at various universities, global conventions and symposiums has gained her a lot of appreciation. She adds to her credit conducting several awareness and sensitization programs on child safety, abuse alertness, parenting and counselling for slum children, rural and backward children and children from various international schools and convents. Many of her interviews and programs have been aired at All India Radio, Bengaluru and TV channels like Praja TV, Doordarshan, Ayush and Udaya TV.
 With close to three plus decades of dedicated practice of the veena, Geetha’s passion to perform concerts at prestigious platforms is no less. She is the blessed recipient of the title and award “Lalitha Kala Suma” awarded to her by Sri Rama Lalitha kala Mandira, Title and Award “NadaJyothi Puraskar” by NadaJyothi Sabha, “Women’s Achievers Award” by Global Workforce management Forum (GWFM) and JGI (jain Group of Institutions). apart from various other honors and felicitations from eminent stalwarts like Senior Critic and musicologist Prof. Mysore V. Subramanya, philanthropist and the hereditary administrator/Dharmadhikari of the Dharmasthala Temple, Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade, Padmavibhushan Smt. Sudha Raghunath, Padmashri Smt. Arundathi Nag, flautist, Sri. B. Shankar Rao.

 Official Individual Associate Member of World Federation of Music Therapy (WFMT), North Carolina,
U.S.A (The World Federation of Music Therapy, Incorporated is a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the state of North Carolina, USA. Its aim is to promote music therapy throughout the world)
 Full Associate Member of BAMT, The British Association for Music Therapy (BAMT), professional body for music therapy in the UK, Membership No: 11889
 Member at IMTA (Indian Music Therapy Association)

Hamsakutira Foundation, a brain child of Geetha commenced in 2003, is a Centre for Music Education and music Psychology and imparts Carnatic music intelligence to normal and special learners. It is an Institution set up solely with the noble aim of awareness and promotion of fine arts in the society especially amongst the youth, to understand, appreciate and carry forth the purity of Indian music to the forthcoming generations and to exemplify the strong significance and benefits through the therapeutic powers of classical music. She is associated with institutions and NGOs catering to autism and related developmental disabilities in children and adults and has also collaborated with rehabilitation professionals in the employment of Indian classical music in music therapy as a successful mode of deriving positive outcomes in treating children and adults over a range of non-musical goals

Master BinduMadhavi

Master BinduMadhavi is a proclaimed yoga exponent. Born & brought up in Bangalore is the granddaughter of Maj. B.R .NagrajRao a Ranji squad player. Being a South Indian music & dance came very naturally to her. From a young age she was into sports & dance. An astute writer & a journalist she adorns many hats. She went on to do a teacher training course but was confused as to what she want to take up as a teacher. After a lot of brainstorming with her mentor Ms. Maya Menon she decided on taking up yoga.

Thus, her journey in yoga began. She did YIC from SVYASA& later did her Masters in Akshar Yoga. She became a teacher at Akshar Yoga from 2009.She has put in 24000 plus hours & her career has seen myriad of students practice under her. She has been a true inspiration to a numerous students. Last two years has seen her teach yoga at her own studio in Sahakar Nagar.

She conducts workshops & camps at schools & in the corporate world .She has many students coming to her from across the world. For her yoga has no age. Her tutelage has seen from kids to senior citizens learn yoga from her.
Her vision is to see yoga spread across the seven continents. Health & mental peace is imperative for Bindu& She staunchly feels it can be achieved through yoga.
Her deftness & perseverance will soon see her carve a niche for herself in the international market. She is often monikered as a human elastic. With flexibility & agility yoga is nothing but her way of life. It won’t be wrong to say she breathes & lives yoga

Sri Soham

Sri.Soham is a nationally and internationally celebrated renowned Yoga Guru and Spiritual being known for his passionate, dynamic, creative and inspirational style of teaching that incorporates both the physical and spiritual aspects of the Yoga practice and Life skills.

Soham was introduced to Bhakti and Hatha Yoga from his childhood days only. His first Bhakti Yoga Guru was Sri. Shivapuri Swamiji from Omkar Ashram. Soham was a born gifted child. By the age of 3 he was able to paint, perform theatre arts and give motivational speeches in front of thousands of audiences in his school.  After his schooling, He began his professional study of Yoga, Mudra Yoga, Philosophy and Ayurveda Panchakarma under many Gurus mainly Mudra Yoga Therapist Sri.Rangaraj Iyengar, Himalayan Yogi Sri. Sri. Yogananda Maharaj of Rishikesh and many others. Combing with regular Yoga practice and spiritual practices, Soham created for himself a transformational healing path “Soham Sadhana”, which now he is teaching to thousands of his students all over the world who is seeking the question “Who Am I”. Spiritually he was blessed by many spiritual leaders like Sri. Shivapuri Swamiji of Omkar ashram, Sri. Adhichunchanagiri Bala Gangadharanatha Swamiji, and others with whom he had regular interaction. Later on he was blessed with Yoga Sadhana Deeksha (Initiation) by Parama Poojya Sri.Sri. Madhusudhanananda Puri Swamiji of Omkar Ashram, and Guru Deeksha & Spiritual name ‘Soham’ by Himalayan Yogi Sri. Yogananda Maharaj of Rishikesh.

In 2009 Soham established Yogaathma Foundation and Soham Ayur Yoga Ashram an International non-profit, non-denominational, educational and humanitarian organization, which addresses all aspects of human well-being. Yogaathma Foundation a nonprofit organization holding special Consultative Status with UN- ECOSOC since 2013.  He has reached out to thousands of people worldwide through personal interactions, public events, teachings, Yoga workshops, and humanitarian initiatives. He has also written and published many books. Soham regularly travels to more than 35 countries, conducting free discourses, workshops and carrying his vision and universal message of creating world peace through Yoga and Smile. His work continues to evolve and is deeply influenced by many of the great traditions here.

Sri Shiva Shankar Chaitanya

Durga Prasad Upadhyaya (Spiritual Name: Shri. Shiva Shankar) was born into a Hindu Brahmin family at Jagannathpuri (Orissa) on December 15 1974 and raised by his spiritual masters in the ancient legendary cave monasteries and ashrams of the great Yogis. At the age of 14, crossing all familial and social boundaries and limitations, he left his home to attain spiritual enlightenment.

His first stepping stone in this journey was when he enrolled himself in 1989, into the ancient Vedic Gurukula tradition of Adishankaracharya, the biggest Vedic University in the world named ‘Maharshi Veda Vigyan Vishwa Vidyapeeth’, Noida, Ghaziabad, India, After successfully completing a three year course in Vedic Science and Meditation (T.M) for which he achieved first rank, he was selected to visit the West to spread the message of Sanatana Vaidika Dharma.

Shivaji was inspired to master the technique of Hatha Yoga which he successfully accomplished through the teachings of many experts. He also joined the Iyengar Institute, Pune, Maharashtra, from 1997 onwards to deepen his experience of Yoga (Asanas, Pranayama and Yoga Therapy). To broaden his knowledge in the traditional lineage, he attended a four month teacher training course at the Bihar School of Yoga, Munger, Bihar (founded by Swami Satyananda Saraswati) in 1999 and trained under the guidance of Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati.

Shivaji has taught extensively on many teacher training courses, retreats, workshops and at yoga festivals throughout India, in various yoga schools and organisations in several countries throughout Europe, UK, Thailand, Singapore and Japan. He also actively runs various trainings in Rishikesh.

After gaining an in depth knowledge in the fields of Yoga and the Vedic realm with ceaseless commitment for the past two decades, Shivaji has taken on the incredible task of imparting this pure, ancient and priceless knowledge for the wellbeing of the common man. One is assured that his work in the world will continue to yield the fruits of success for years to come.

Yogaguru Mohan

Yogaguru Mohan is a multiple therapist with the base of yoga and naturopathy to treat all diseases with no medicine, no injection and no surgery. Therefore, it is treatment with no side effect at all. It has added advantages of side benefits treating chronic problems/diseases.

Yogaguru Mohan is the founder of the Holistic Healthcare Foundation to serve the humanity. He worked as Director and Head of Training Dept. of Vedic Upchar Sansthan (Regd.) for three years.

Yogaguru Mohan has organized over hundred yoga and naturopathy awareness, training and treatment camp, specialized memory power development training and stress-management training in national and international level. He trained over hundred trainers on Yoga and Naturopathy, treated over thousands patients and spread awareness program to over hundreds of thousands of people. He is in selfless service to spread the light of yoga with the mission and vision.

Yogaguru Mohan has done various special case studies with success viz. Parkinson disease with other chronic problems viz. HBP and Arthritis, cured-2006, Paralysis (15 years old case at the age of 74) – 2005, Diabetic (Surgical operation avoided) – 2004, chronic asthma (12 years child suffering for 6-7 years of age) – 2003, Depression and insomnia cured (5 years old case) – 2003 spec removed – 2000.

Yogaguru Mohan is currently engaged in Ph.D. level research on “Case study on Yogic science for chronic management with side benefits” after doing MA Yoga Science, ND, DNY, NDDY, Diploma in Yogic Science, Scientology, Silva Method of Mind power program and other various intensive training program on yoga and naturopathy

Shri Acharya Prasanna

Acharya Prasanna is a well-known sage in Rishikesh who is tirelessly working towards spreading awareness of Yoga by educating people about the importance of yoga culture and the positive impacts Yoga creates in a person’s life. Acharya has been a part and also conducted many spiritual events strengthening people’s lives to bring them health and happiness. Acharaya is a founder of Rishikesh Tapovan which aims to increase awareness of the holistic and spiritual benefits of Yoga.

Gautham Azad

An engineer by qualification and a numerologist by passion, Gautham Azad found his fascination for numbers in his early twenties. A believer in the scientific side of numerology in reasoning as well as in practice, Gautham’s background enables him to use the mathematics behind the date of birth of an individual and the way they spell their name, to help find the rightpractices and amends, to help propel them forward in their journey tosuccess.

Not one to be led blindly by superstitions, Gautham understands what helps people the best, based on the science behind colours and numbers. The simplicity with which he approaches this significant aspect of life, enableshim to be a favourite today, among politicians, industrialists, business owners and of course, the masses.

With the success he was able to amass by adding an ‘H’ to his own name and changing it to Gautham in his twenties, he began his journey in thefield of numerology and how numbers impact the working of the world, with his own experience.

From someone with an affinity for numbers and numerology who only practiced it as a passion, to quitting his MNC job in 2014 to begin his own company ‘NumeroBay’, today, Gautham Azad is a celebrity numerologistwho consults some of the biggest names in India, across industries.

To Gautham, Numbers and Numerology are not simply a whim to experiment with on others’ lives but rather, a self-tested medicine he wants to share with the world, to bring a smile to people’s faces. Hailing Numerology a noble profession that, based on science rather than superstition, helps people attain the tools they need for the success they can achieve, Gautham has contributed to the changing of the numerous destinies of his clients, in India and abroad.

While the list of Gautham Azad’s accurate predictions in the past could goon, some of the most significant ones have been:

  • France’s Victory in the 2018 WorldCup
  • 3 Successful Predictions of IPLWinners
  • BS Yedurappa’s, as the 24th Chief Minister ofKarnataka
  • Sachin Tendulkar’s 100thCentury
  • Raghuvar Das as the 6th CM ofJharkhand
  • J Jayalalithaa coming back to power for the 4th time in 2016 though allodds were againsther

ShreeRaghav Trivikram. K

ShreeRaghav Trivikram. K, 14 years, embarked on the yoga learning journey when he was 8. His Guru, Grandmaster, Shri Mahayogi Aksharnath, Himalayan Yoga Siddha, has left no stone unturned in bringing him to the forefront with his compassionate and intensive training and with a team of exceptional teachers. ShreeRaghav completed his Teachers Training level 1 certification in 2.5 months. From there onwards he completed his Power Yoga Level II Advance Level of the Teachers’ Training Program and the final master’s level at the Akshar Yoga Research and Development Centre, Yelahanka. He also has additional certifications in wheel yoga and aerial yoga. During the pandemic, he extended his support to children with neuro-diverse needs and their parents through online yoga sessions. He has also facilitated awareness sessions on Yoga at prestigious platforms initiated by The Rotary Club and other organizations. On Aug 27th, 2022, he was blessed to be part of two World Records; the Guinness World Record for most people holding DhanurAsana for two minutes and the World Book of Records, London for most people holding ChakrAsana for one minute organized by Akshar Yoga at the Centre for Sports excellence campus, Yelahanka.
While he continues to practice yoga for core strength, balance, and flexibility, he also aspires to explore yoga multi-dimensionally and interspersed with various other disciplines like physiotherapy, mental health and physical health. He is also a keen aspirant for Carnatic music (Veena, Mandolin, and Vocal), and Western Music (Guitar and Keyboard). Tennis is one of his passions since the tender age of four and he aims to make a mark in the sport.