International Affiliation of Yoga Teachers

This application is for International Yoga Teacher, which is a recognition by World Yoga Organisation International, as an International Yoga Teacher.
Please find the certificate format of International Yoga Teachers.

Congratulations Note

Special international certificates as recognition to Yoga Teachers

World Yoga Organisation ® international certificate with stamped and signed to international Yoga Teachers

Certificate letter to international Yoga Teachers


To Affiliate Yourself as an International Yoga Teacher for us the following soft copies, Terms and conditions will forwarded to you, on acceptance of terms & conditions, we will start the affiliation process.

1)            5 pictures of Asanas,

2)            Picture of previous yoga certificate

3)            Mention the number of Hours of registeration(Level)

3)            Standing Namaste picture.

4)             Complete Address

5)             Email Id

Affiliation Fees: 5000/- INR

Bank details will be forwarded to you.

Our website and social medias:






1)The process of International registration will be forwarded to you through soft copies.

2)The hard copies of certificates will be couriered in 2 days.

3) Your profile will be uploaded into International Yoga Teacher page on website in 10 days.

4) WYO International Logos will be forwarded through mail.

Please forward the information contained in this document carefully, Follow the instructions of terms & conditions. If you require assistance or clarification, please contact us @ +91 9606618326.


  • Visibility of your profile on our esteemed online International Yoga Teachers page.
  • Association commitment through local Community Meet ups and Social media
  • Bonus & special discounts on yoga affiliation and services
  • World-wide valid International certification and affiliation
  • Updates on what is happening in the yoga world
  • Recognition by the WYO to practice as an International Yoga Teacher world-wide

After affiliation as a WYO International Yoga Teacher, you can issue certificates to your students who have finished Yoga Course from you.