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Other terms and conditions

01)We would recommend that you consult a doctor to understand any limitations you may have to attend our classes. Our teachers can advise certain recommendations, but are not qualified to give medical advice

02) We would recommend you to consult a dietician/nutritionist before enrolment in weight loss program. However, we can provide a diet chart which could be followed at your discretion

03) If you have skipped any class/session, you can utilize the lost hours within your booked term at the available classes. However, we do not extend your period beyond the renewal date of your package

04) In case of TTC courses & term packages, if you need to “Pause” your package you can do so by emailing your request. However, the number of pauses are restricted as follows,


  1. Level 1/3 Months-1 pause
  2. Level 2/ 6 months-2 pauses
  3. Level 3/1 year- 3 pauses


The paused duration will be expired at the restart date automatically and packages will resume count accordingly

05)In case you would like to attend a class at any of our other centers, prior notice has to be lodged at the academy, so we can issue a priority pass to have entry into the other academies. However, this is valid only for term members

06) Refund will not be entertained

07) Any damage within the academy shall attract a penalty as applicable

08) Any cancellations in class due to unavoidable circumstances will not be compensated for. However, we shall help you compensate within your term, as applicable

09) Public & Government holidays shall be applicable to Academy and shall be notified accordingly

Teachers/Instructors for the classes are subject to availability of the staff and is subject to management decisions

10) All academic assignments, internships, and projects undertaken during the duration of your Teachers Training Course must be submitted to Akshar Yoga and will be considered as intellectual property of Akshar Yoga.